The First Workshop of EAAA (2008 Beijing, China)

2008 Annual Meeting of the EAAA

Beijing, China


The meeting, hosted by Center for Theoretical and Methodological Inquiries in Anthropology, CMU and organized by its director, Professor Wang Mingming. The Workshop consisted of several mutually related roundtable discussions. Most participants spoke in English. As planned, during the meeting, participants from Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan discussed issues related to the historical connections, contemporary situations, and future directions in the mutual involvements and reciprocal understandings among Korean, Japanese, and Chinese speaking anthropologies.

The organizing committee members of the Workshop included Nakamaki Hirochika (Musuem of Ethnology, Osaka), Kim Kwang-Ok (Seoul University), Huang Shu-min (Academia Sinica), Tan Chee-beng (CUHK), Wang Mingming (Peking University and CMU). Other invited participants included: Moon Okpyo, Yi Jungduck, and Jang Jung-a from Korea, Chen Tien-shin, Sumihara Noriya, and Iwai Hiroshi from Japan, Chiang Bin from Taiwan, Wu Keping, Wang Danning, Wu Da, Luo Pan from Hong Kong, Yang Shengmin, Qi Qingfu, Wang Jianxin, Wang Jianmin, Pan Jiao, Zhu Xiaoyang, and Liang Yongjia from mainland China.

The workshop successfully achieved the aims of furthering international dialogues in East Asian anthropology, and of preparing for follow-up activities. In the final session of the Workshop, it was decided that the second meeting will be held in Academia Sinica in Taipei in the first half of the year 2009. This is to be organized by Professor Huang Shu-min, director of Institute of Ethnology. An academic board for the Network of East Asian Anthropology was elected. Its members include: Nakamaki Hirochika, Moon Okpyo, Huang Shu-min, Tan Chee-beng, and Wang Mingming (also serving as secretary-general).


May 9th-11th, 2008
Center for Theoretical and Methodological Inquiries in Anthropology, CMUBeijing, China

May 9th, 2008


Welcoming Words: Wang Mingming
General Remarks by Organizing Members: Nakamaki Hirochika, Huang Shumin, Tan Chee-beng, and Kim Kwang Ok


Theme 1: Historical Ties among East Asian Cultures and their Anthropological Implications
Moderator: Professor Kim Kwang-Ok


Theme 2: To What Extent are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean “Other” to Each Other?
Moderator: Professor Nakamaki Hirochika


Theme 3: Nationalism and the Limit of East Asian anthropology;
Moderator: Professor Huang Shu-min


May 10th, 2008


Theme 4: History of Anthropology in East Asia: Is East Anthropology Equally Imperialistic?
Moderator: Professor Tan Chee-beng

Theme 5: Language Issues in Anthropology: Is English Our Common Language? Or Do We Have No Language in Common?
Moderator: Professor Moon Okpyo


Theme 6: Realities and Possibilities of Reciprocal Understandings and Networking of East Asian Anthropologists.
Moderators: Nakamaki Hirochika, Kim Kwang Ok, Huang Shumin, Tan Cheebeng, Wang Mingming


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