East Asian Anthropology amid Globalization: A Regional Perspective (2009 Taipei, Taiwan)

2009 Annual Meeting of the EAAA

Taipei, Taiwan


December 15-17, 2009
Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

Tuesday, December 15

10:00-10:30 Welcome Remark by Meeting Organizer Dr. HUANG Shu-min

10:30-11:45 First Panel Session: Chair: Dr. KIM Kwang-ok

Dr. NAKAO Katsumi

14:00-15:15 Second Panel Session: Chair: Dr. NAKAMAKI Hirochika

Dr. MOON Okpyo
Dr. YI Jeongduk
Dr. Gordon MATHEWS

15:30-16:50 Third Panel Session: Chair: Dr. WANG Jianmin

Dr. CHEN Gang
Dr. YANG Youngkyun
Dr. YANG Han-Sun


Wednesday, December 16

9:30-10:45 First Panel Session: Chair: Dr. MOON Okpyo

Dr. KIM Kwang-ok
Dr. BAK Sangmi
Dr. IWAI Hiroshi
Dr. NAKAMAKI Hirochika

11:00-12:00 Second Panel Session: Chair: Dr. Gordon MATHEWS

Dr. CHEN Tien-shi
Dr. Siumi Maria TAM
Other participants

14:00-15:15 Third Session: Chair: Dr. HUANG Shu-min

Dr. LIU Shao-hua
Discussion of Organization Bylaws

15:30-17:00 Fourth Session: Chair by Dr. HUANG Shu-min

Continued Discussion of Organization Bylaws
Meeting Conclusion: Planning for the future


Thursday, December 17

Morning tour to the National Palace Museum (pre-registration needed)


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