Alternative Modernity: Reflections from East Asia (2010 Songnam, South Korea)

2010 Annual Meeting of the EAAA

Songnam, South Korea


2010 poster

September 10, Friday

09:30—10:00 Opening Ceremony 10:30—12:30 Roundtable Meeting “Toward East Asian Anthropology”

Chair: Moon Okpyo (South Korea) Kim Kwang-ok (South Korea) Wang Mingming (China) Nakamaki Hirochika (Japan) Huang Shu-min (Taiwan) Discussants: Yamashita Shinji (Japan) Gordon Mathews (Hong Kong)

14:00—16:00 Session 1: Alternative Modernity: East Asian Perspectives Chair: Han Kyung Koo (South Korea)

  1. Agrarian Modernization in Taiwan and China – Huang Shu-min (Taiwan)
  2. Embodying Modernity: Sense of Comfort and Cleanliness among Tibetans – Yu Shuenn-Der (Taiwan)
  3. Nuosu Leprosy and State Medicine – Liu Shao-Hua (Taiwan)
  • Discussants: Bak Sangmee (South Korea)

16:30—18:30 Session 2: Belonging, Self, and Diversity Chair: Yoo Myung-ki (South Korea)

  1. Ethnicity in Shanghai: A Study of the Uighur in a Modern Chinese City – Wu Da (China)
  2. Peasants Go to New York: New Practices or Old Cultural Scheme? – Song Ping (China)
  3. Identification and Nationality of Overseas Chinese: The Cases of Overseas Chinese in Korea and Japan – Chen Tien-Shi (Japan)
  4. Alternative Modernity and Ethnic Belonging: Is East Asia Racist? – Gordon Mathews (Hong Kong)
  • Discussants: Pan Jiao (China), Yang Han-sun (South Korea)

September 11, Saturday

09:00—10:30 Session 3: Re-thinking East Asian Families Chair: Shima Mutsuhiko (Japan)

  1. Is Korean Family Undergoing a De-Confucian Transformation? – Moon Okpyo (South Korea)
  2. The Influence of ‘Family’ on the Decision-making Process in Suicidal Behavior: Examples from China and South Korea – Lee Hyeon Jung (South Korea)
  3. Three Zones Theory of Qingying: The Re-analysis of Fei Xiaotong’s Study about the Custom of Qinying in China – Zhao Xudong and Qi Zhao (China)
  • Discussants: Wang Jianxin (China)

11:00—12:30 Session 4: Citizenship and Multiculturalism Chair: Sidney C. H. Cheung (Hong Kong)

  1. Japan 2050: An Alternative Modernity? – Yamashita Shinji (Japan)
  2. The Growing Complexities of South Korean Citizenship – Park Jung-Sun (South Korea/USA)
  3. Joseonjok – Yang Young-Kyun (South Korea)
  • Discussants: Jang Soo Hyun (South Korea), Siumi Maria Tam (Hong Kong)

14:00—16:00 Session 5: Possibilities of Civilizational Dialogue Chair: Huang Shu-min (Taiwan)

  1. Shanghai Expo Seen through Anthropology – Nakamaki Hirochika (Japan)
  2. Building Public Anthropology in Japan: An Experiment at Tohoku University – Numazaki Ichiro (Japan)
  3. Catholicism and Evolution of Traditional Culture of Miao Ethnic Group in the South of Yunnan – He Shaoying and Wu Xingzhi (China)
  4. Appropriation and Change of the Concept of Culture/Civilization in Colonial Korea – Yi Jeong-duk (South Korea)
  • Discussants: Song Ping (China), Kwon Sug-In (South Korea)

16:30—18:30 EAAA General Meeting and Closing 16:30—18:30 Graduate Student Session: Starting East Asian Anthropology in the Field Chair: Lee Sang-gyun (South Korea)

  1. How an Intellectual during Yuan Dynasty Compared Han Chinese and the “Barbarians” in Southeastern Asia? – Luo Yang (China)
  2. Cultural Space, Urban Culture and Colonialism: A HistoricClosing Receptional Ethnography of Theatre Districts in Colonial Seoul, 1930s – Kim Sunju (South Korea)
  3. Changes in Death Rituals in Japan: Life histories of people who have adopted Shizenso (scattering of ashes) – Kim Satbyul (Japan)
  4. “Wula” in Sichuan Tibetan Area: A Means of Transport as the Representation of Morality, Aesthetics and Ethnic Identity – Zheng Shaoxiong (China)
  5. Local Government Policy and Activities of Advocates of Migrant Workers Rights: What Is Occurring at a Bifurcation of Immigration Policy? – Hiroki Bell (Japan)
  6. The Advent of Integrated Western and Oriental Medicine and New Commoditization Strategies: A Case Study on Wedam Oriental Hospital – Moon Ji-Yun (South Korea)
  • Discussants: Seo Min-woo (South Korea), Araki Jun (South Korea)

19:00—21:00 Closing Reception


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