The World in East Asia/East Asia in the World (2012 Hong Kong)

2012 Annual Meeting of the EAAA

Hong Kong

2012 eaaaphoto43

July 6, Friday

09:00 – 09:25 Welcoming Address (Lecture Theatre 3)

09:30 – 11:00 Executive Committee Meeting, EAAA (Lounge, Mezzanine)

09:30 – 11:00

1. Body and Text within Contemporary Popular Ritual Context in Taiwan


Organizer & Chair: CHANG Hsun (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

TING JenChieh (Academia Sinica)

IKuan Tao and its Construction of Fundamentalism: A Primary Study in the Sacred Texts of Chinese Popular Religion

YEH Chuenrong (Academia Sinica)

Expelling Rice Dumplings: A Ritual of Exorcism in Taiwan

CHANG Hsun (Academia Sinica)

Taoist Exorcist Ritual and its Modern Transformation

LIN Yuhsuan (Hitotsubashi University,Japan)

A Defensive System of Gods against Ghosts in Taiwanese Religious Life


2. East Asian Anthropological Analyses of Food and Medicine


Organizer: CUHK Organizing Committee

Chair: Sidney C. H. Cheung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Sana HO (Seoul National University)

Ours is the Best: Framings, Food Consumption, and Nationalism in South Korea

Nonami Yuri (Otemae University, Japan)

The Role of Alternative Medicine in Japan: Japanese Ways of Thinking about Medicine

Leo PANG (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Negotiating Multiple Authenticities: A Study of Regional Chinese Restaurants in Sydney

Gergely MOHACSI (Keio University)

Comparing Gaman: On Good Food and Endurance in a Japanese Collective of

Diabetes Patients

Discussant: Sidney C. H. CHEUNG (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


11:20 – 13:10

3. Kinship in Practice in Contemporary East Asia: A Comparative Perspective


Organizer & Chair: MOON Okpyo (Academy of Korean Studies)

KIM Kwangok (Seoul National University)

Kinship and Lineage between the State and Society: A Comparative Look at China and Korea

SHIMA Mutsuhiko (Formerly Tohoku University)

Rethinking Korean Kinship

LIN Meirong (Tzu‐chi University)

Kinship as a Baseline of Territorial Cults in Taiwan

MOON Okpyo (Academy of Korean Studies)

Understanding the Irony of ‘NotConnected Society’ (muenshakai) in Japan

Discussant: NAKAMAKI Hirochika (National Institute of Ethnology)

Discussant: WANG Mingming (Peking University)

Discussant: SUENARI Michio (Toyo University)


4. The Future of Foreign Traders in China: Policy Concern and Agency’s Response


Organizer & Chair: CHEUK Ka‐Kin (University of Oxford)

CHEUK KaKin (University of Oxford)

Middleman Traders in an Upgrading Economy: Indians in Shaoxing, China

YANG Yang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Trading Copy Goods from China to Africa: Profits and Morality

DING Yuan and Ching Lin Pang (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)

The Making and Unmaking of ‘Chocolate City’: Divergent Representations of African Migrants in Guangzhou, China.

LI Jun (Yunnan University)

Hmong Crossing ChinaVietnam Borders: A Case Study of Xia Wan Zi Village in To He kou County, Yunnan

Discussant: LI Zhigang (Sun Yat‐sen University)


14:30 – 16:30

5. Marriage, Family, and Sexuality in East Asia Organizer: CUHK Organizing Committee


Chair: Lynne NAKANO (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

MOON Kyungyun (Seoul National University)

Women Escaping from Being “a Foreign Spouse of a Korean National”: A Case Study of Divorces of HanChinese Marriage Migrant Women in Korea

KUDO Masako (Kyoto Women’s University)

Crossborder Marriages and Transnational Families: The Life Trajectories of Japanese Women Married to Pakistani Migrants

YAMAGISHI Reiko (Kyushu University)

“Let Violence Run Our Business”: Hypermasculinity, Organizational Ideology and the HostClub Industry in Japan

CHOW Shukyee (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

The Construction of Female Sexualities through “Sexy” Dancing Among Japanese Women in their Leisure Time

WANG Danning (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Family Planning among China’s Migrant Workers

Discussant: Lynne NAKANO (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


6. Urban Space, Political Discourse, and T Circulation of Ideas


Organizer: CUHK Organizing Committee

Chair: Joseph BOSCO (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

ZHOU Lei (Nanjing University)

How Online Malcontents Translated Into Offline Protests‐‐ Two Ethnographic Cases in Chiang Mai and Nanjing

CHEN YeongShyang (Shih‐Chien University)

The Relationships of Public Spaces and Civilized/Polite Societies: Examining Metro Cultures in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China

Joseph BOSCO (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Child Kidnapping Rumors in Hong Kong as Cultural Phenomena

NARA Masashi (University of Tsukuba)

Fragmented yet Associated: A Case Study of an Urban Hui Muslim Internet Community Centered in Yunnan Province, China.

WANG Mingming (Peking University)

Tianxia (All Under Heaven): Towards an East Asian Cosmological Perspective of Political Ontology

HAN SeungMi (Yonsei University)

The, Knowledge Diaspora Network and Its Implications for Korean Social Science: Research on the Status of Korean Brain Circulation


16:50 – 19:20

7. Walking in the Fields: The Anthropological Career of Tan CheeBeng

Organizer & Chair: DUAN Ying (Sun Yat‐sen University)

WU Da (Shanghai University)

Minorities, Chinese Overseas and Ethnicity: Rethinking the Concepts Minzu and Zuqun in China

YUAN Tongkai_(Nankai University)

Tan CheeBeng: A Mentor and Friend Who Led Me Into Educational Anthropology

DING Yuling (Quanzhou Maritime Museum)

Tan CheeBeng’s Study of Religion

CHAN Yuk Wa (City University of Hong Kong)

Tan CheeBeng’s Diverse Field Work Experiences

ZHU Jiangang_(Sun Yat‐sen University)

Food and Power: Tan CheeBeng’s Impact on Studies of Food Culture in China

SU Min (Shangdong University)

From Khaldun to Hefner: Tan CheeBeng’s Course Design and Its Reflection on the Anthropology of Islam

LUO Pan (UNESCO_Beijing Office)

Chinese Returnees and Their Food

DUAN Ying (Sun Yat‐sen University)

Migration, Localization and Identity: Tan CheeBeng’s study of Chinese Overseas

Discussant: FAN Ke (Nanjing University)


8. Economic Rationality and Cultural Expression

Organizer & Chair: CHEN Qingde(Yunnan University)

CHEN Qingde (Yunnan University)

Application and Evolution of Economic Rationality Parsing in the Field of Economic Anthropology

LV Junbiao (Guangxi University for Nationalities)

The Etiquette and Reason of Borrowing:A Study on the Jie Zhu [borrow pig] Marriage Custom in a Village of Daban Yao, Guangxi Fangcheng County, China

LI Zhongbin (South‐Central University for Nationalities)

Population of Less National Human Resource Development: Rational Choice and Cultural Expression

ZHENG Yu (Yunnan University)

An Anthropological Analysis of Mass Consumption of Automobiles in a Miao/Hmong Village

TIAN Qian (Southwest University)

Autonomous Adjustment of Living Methods: Chinese Peasants’ Efforts to Escape Poverty in a Wuling Mountainous Area

ZHANG Jianfeng (Yunnan University)

Consumption Behaviors and Multivariate Cultural Contexts in a Maan Village

WANG Xianquan (Yunnan University)

The Economic Life of Lisu People in Yunnan During Transformative Times

LI Deqing (Kunming University of Science and Technology)

Islamic Culture and Hui Economy

PAN Chunmei (Culture Industry Research Institution, Yunnan University)

The rationality of exchange behavior in different cultural patterns 

July 7, Saturday

09:00 – 11:00

9. Multiculturalism in East Asia: A Comparative Perspective


Organizer & Chair: YAMASHITA Shinji (University of Tokyo)

TAKAMORI Ayako (University of Tokyo/New York University)

Tracing Discourses of Multiculturalism in Japan

HAN GeonSoo (Kangwon National University)

The Politics of Multiculturalism in Korea: Accidental Multiethnic Shifts and the Construction of a Social Agenda

WU Tientai (National Dong Hwa University)

Multiculturalism in Taiwan

ITOH Makoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong: Rights, Unions, and Citizenship

WANG Jianxin (Sun Yat‐sen University, China)

Lingmingtang’s Religious Doctrines: A Case Study of Preaching Texts of a Sufi Order in Contemporary China

Discussant: MOON Okpyo (The Academy of Korean Studies, Korea)

Discussant: John ERTL (Kanazawa University, Japan)


10. Decentering China: The Southwest as the Core


Organizers: HUANG Shu‐min (Academia Sinica) and LIU Shao‐hua (Academia Sinica)

Chair: HUANG Shu‐min (Academia Sinica)

CHANG Jiunn Yih (National Cheng‐chi University)

A Germ of Wheat left by God in Tibet: A Case Study of Beliefs and Daily Life among Yaro’s Tibetan Catholics

ZHOU Yongming  (University of Wisconsin)

Development Schemes and Road Building in the China Southwest since 1949.

LIU Shaohua (Academia Sinica)

Leprosy and Socialist Hygienic Modernity in Southwest China.

HUANG Shumin (Academia Sinica)

Lashihai: Changing Environmental Protection of an Alpine Lake and Wetland.

CHEN Gang (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Impacts of the Development of EcoCultural Tourism on Interethnic Relationships in ZangYi Corridor: theCase of Lugu Lake


11:20 – 13:00

11. Interrogating the Feminization of Migration: Migrant Women, the State, and Transnational Flows


Organizer & Chair: CHENG Sealing (Wellesley College)

SHEN Haimei  (Yunnan MinzuUniversity)

Asian Female Immigrants in China

CHAN Yuk Wah (City University of Hong Kong)

Migration habitus and female piety: marriages of Vietnamese migrants in Hong Kong

Melody LI ORNELLAS (University of Pittsburgh)

Immigration Policy and Forced Mobility among Mainland “Visiting Wives” across the Hong KongChina Border

Ratana TOSAKUL (Thammasat University)

Contesting Geographies of Gender and Power Relations in CrossCultural Marriages: Experiences from Laos

CHENG Sealing and Eunjung KIM (Wellesley College; University of Wisconsin)

In Captivity or Forced Mobility? : Migrant Korean women in the Intimate Service Sec in the US


12. Transforming Identity: Youth, Art, and Politics


Organizer: CUHK Organizing Committee

Chair: CHEN Ju‐chen (ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong)

YANG Miaoyan (Hong Kong University)

The Search for a Tibetan identity—Tibetan University Students on a MultiEthnic Campus

CHEE Waichi (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Adaptation to Schooling and Life in a “Greenhouse”: Teenage Immigrant Students in Hong Kong

HORIGUCHI Sachiko (Temple University, Japan)

Medicalization of Youth Social Withdrawal?: Anthropological Perspectives Into hikikomori in Japan

SUM ChunYi (Boston University)

“We are just waiting around”: Chinese Youth’s “Apathetic” Participation in Politics

CHEUNG Ah Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

From Art Form to UniForm: The Cantonese Opera Music Community in Guangzhou

Discussant: CHEN Ju‐chen (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


14.20 – 16.20

13. Perspectives on Globalization and Heritage


Organizer: CUHK Organizing


Chair: Gordon MATHEWS (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

SHU Ping (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Globalized cultural concepts and localized knowledge system: the impact of “green” on a Chinese tea cultivation village

NAKASHIMA Narihisa (Hosei University)

Yakushima, Twenty Years after Becoming a World Heritage Site‐‐‐Why Limiting Tourist Numbers Didn’t Succeed

CHAN Hiu Ling (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Global or Local Heritage? A Case of the Tang Migrants in Toronto

JIAN Xiaoqing (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

The Relation of Lingnan Railway to East Asia and to the World

Girardo RODRIGUEZ PLASENCIA (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)

East Asian Religions in Cuba

Discussant: Gordon MATHEWS (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


14. Embodiments of Modernity among Ethnic Minorities in Southwest China


Organizer: LIN Shu‐jung, National Tsing Hua University

Chair: CHEN Chung‐min (National Tsing Hua University)

James WILKERSON (National Tsing Hua University)

Varieties of Language Ideology of the Zhuang National Minority

CHIEN Meiling (National Chiao Tung University)

Ethnographically Framing Gender, Body and Modernity: Rural Hmub Migrants in Guizhou, China

HO Ts’uip’ing (Academia Sinica)

Jingpo single women and their contested individualization

YU ShuennDer (Academia Sinica)

Bodily experience and everyday modernity among Tibetans in Yunnan China

LIN Shujung (National Tsing Hua University)

Embodying Modernity through Cultural Performance: The Kam of Southeastern

Discussant: CHEN Chung‐min (National Tsing Hua University)

Discussant: PAN Ying‐hai Pan (National Chi Nan University)


16.40 – 18.40

15. Twisted Souls, Estranged Minds: Living Anthropologically in East Asia


Organizer & Chair: NUMAZAKI Ichiro (Tohoku University)

CHEN Tienshi, Lara (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

Being Stateless / An Anthropologist of Statelessness

Paul HANSEN (University of Tsukuba)

Homework: Marrying into the Field and Other Ironies of Beck’s “Cosmopolitan Moment”

Gordon MATHEWS (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“I Don’t Fit Anywhere”; but then, Anthropologists Shouldn’t Fit Anywhere.

Justin Gaurav MURGAI (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“No, But What are you Really Doing?” Battles at the Beginning of an Anthropological Career

NUMAZAKI Ichiro (Tohoku University)

Never at Home in My Home: Being an “Americanized” Japanese Anthropologist in Sendai, Japan

Discussant: NAKAMAKI Hirochika (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)


16. Shifting Networks, Mobilizing Ethnic Boundaries: Mobility and Networks in


China Organizers: MA Jianxiong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and LIU Tzu‐kai (University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign)

Chair: MA Jianxiong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

CHEUNG Siuwoo (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Reethnicizing Southeast Guizhou Migrants Community in the Pearl River Delta Region of Southeast China: A Network Analysis

WU Junjie (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Mobilization of Home Place in China: A Study of CrossProvincial Marriage Migrants from an Ethnic Minority Community in Guizhou to a Han Chinese region in Zhejiang

LIU Tzukai (University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign)

Mobilizing Ethnic Networks in and beyond the Workplace: Young Minority Workers’ “Homeland” Networks and Mobile Communications in Urban China

PAN Yanqin (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

SinoVietnamese Boundary Crossing and the “Longdong” Festival

XIONG Xun (Sun Yat‐sen University)

“Our Place, Other Place”: Mobility of Lisu People in the Burma/China Borderlands

MA Jianxiong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

“Setting the Han Lineages among Dai Chieftains: The Construction of Kokang Elite Networks as a Frontier Institution between China and Burma”


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