Cultural Realms and Boundaries Crossing (2013 Xiamen, China)

2013 Annual Meeting of the EAAA

Xiamen, China


Program A

Nov 15, Friday

10:00-11:30     Session 1       Topic: Knowledge Production of Anthropology

Chair: Hirochika Nakamaki, Suita City Museum

Keiko Yamaki  (Hiroshima University)

Living a Life like Traveling

Yuling Zhang   (Yamaguchi Prefectural University)

Native Culture Objectified, Native Anthropologist Acculturated?

Yoshiko Nakano     (The University of Hong Kong)

Flying the National Costume: Early Japan Airlines Advertising in the U.S. and Hong Kong

Ichiro Numazaki     (Tohoku University)

“Ethnoperipheralism” in Life and Work: The Case of Two Anthropologists

Blai GUARNÉ        (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Regional Boundaries and Cultural Conventions: The Production of Knowledge in the Anthropology of Japan and the Anthropology of the Mediterranean


13:30-14:30     Session 2       Topic: The Encountering of Science, Technology and Culture


Chair: Kwang-ok KIM, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University

Shu-min Huang       (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

The Development of Organic Farming in Taiwan: A History of Scientific Paradigm Shifts

Shao-hua Liu   (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

Scientism and Political Ritual in China’s Leprosy Control

Chen-I Kuan   (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

Technology, Risk, and Reflexivity: Maternal Request for Cesarean Sessions in Taiwan


14:30-15:55     Session 3       Topic: Re-thinking of Social Category in Contemporary Asia


Chair: Shu-min Huang, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

Jermaine R. Gordon-Mizusawa      (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Carnivore Women and Herbivore Men or Little Red and The Wolf: What is Virginity and Sex in Contemporary Japan?

Zhiying Ma     (Department of Comparative Human Development & Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Intimate Politics of Life: Mental Health Law Reform and Family-Institution Cooperation in Contemporary China

Paul Hansen    (Department of History and Anthropology, University of Tsukuba)

We Have Always Been Cosmopolitan: Dog-human Boundary Crossing Relationships in Urban Japan

David C. Schak       (Griffith University        )

Social trust in china


16:30-17:50     Session 4      Topic: Culture and Politics in Contemporary China


Chair: Gordon Mathews, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ling Yang        (Department of Chinese, Xiamen University)

Pop Convergence: Transnational Cultural Flows, State Control, and Cultural diversity in Contemporary China

Yang Zhan       (Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University, SUNY)

The Politics of Loving Heart: Organized Gifting and the Creation of Hierarchy in Post-socialist China

Jieying Zhang  (Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Environmental Protection Activism in Contemporary China: Negotiating Rights, Knowledge and Power

Jianghong_(Tsinghua University )

An   Game of Space: Chinese Student Movement in the Post-1989 Era

Nov 16, Sat

8:30-9:30 Session 5      Topic: African Traders in Guangzhou


Chair: David Schak, Griffith University

Lin Dan, Linessa     (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“Don’t Trust Anyone!” Strategies and Interrelations of Africans Traders in Guangzhou

Gordon Mathews   (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“The Chinese Cheat!”  Deception, and Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding Between African Traders and Chinese Suppliers in Guangzhou

Tu Huynh       (Jinan University)

Dreaming Mobility: African Female Traders in Guangzhou’s Markets


10:00-11:40     Session 6       Topic: Diaspora, Globalization and Homeland


Chair: Ping Song, Xiamen University

Kuah-Pearce Khun Eng   (University of Hong Kong)

Chinese Diaspora and the Ritualisation of “Ancestral Home”

Yow Cheun Hoe     (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Guangdong as a Diasporic Homeland

Chang-hui Ch  (National Quemoy University, Taiwan)

The Parallax View of the Ancestral Home: The Cai Lineage of Jinmen, Taiwan and Their Diaspora in Singapore

Christian J. Park     (Hanyang University ERICA)

Multiple Boundaries of Korean Diaspora Returnees

Gang Chen      (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Globalization, Regional Integration and Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprise in Laos



13:30-15:10     Session 7       Topic: Cultural Heritage and Tourism Anthropology


Chair: Ping Song, Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University

Hongmei Zhao (Institute of Geography and Tourism Sciences, Yunnan Normal


On Touristic Fortune of Baisha Orchestral Music in Lijiang: With Perspective of Inheritance of Music Heritage

Jie Sun             (Bukkyo University, Japan)

From “Touree” to “Guider” -A case stdy of the Reaction to Tourism’s impact from Local people in Yuanyang, China

Wenrui Li; Xiaohui Lei   (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Lugu Lake’s Tourism Development and Eco-environmental Protection under the Guidance of State Power

Yanlan Shi       (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Citizens and Peasants: Sani people’s land Transfer and identity predicament with the development of Tourism Economy

Symbol Meaning of Yilong Shi       (Xiamen University)

Symbol Meaning of Mazu Goddess Legends and Images Constructed by Men

Program B

Nov 15, Friday

10:00-11:30     Session 1       Topic: Border-crossing and Ethnicity


Chair: Mingming Wang, Peking University

Liulan Wang (The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research & Center for Integrated

Area Studies, Kyoto University)

Han/Hui Ethnic Relations and Searching for the Commonality of being “Chinese” and “Muslim” on the Thai/Myanmar Borderland

Nakayama Taisho   (SPS Research Fellow, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University)

Japanese and Koreans on Sakhalin Island: Border changing and ethnic relationships    J

SAI Yukari      (Waseda University, Research Associate)

Commensality for another Local Community: From the tables at a mosque in South Fujian, China

SETOSEO Erina     (Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Doctoral candidate)

The Process of Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement in Japan: Focusing on the practice of obtaining hometown food

KONYA Akari       (Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Doctoral candidate)

A Multidimensional Array of “Religion” in Contemporary Palau: Special focuses on religious prayer at political meeting and traditional ritual


13:30-14:30     Session 2       Topic: Reproduction of Boundaries and Ethnicity-1


Chair: Shaoying He, Yunnan University of Nationalies

Xiangchun Huang    (Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University)

“Floating Other” and Ritual Tradition: Group Discourse and The Socio-cultural Process on Southeast China Coast Since the Ming dynasty

Fan Cui   (Shanghai University)

The Reproductive Boundaries in the Transnational Ethnic Groups: The Reinvention of Tianqin Ritual in the Sino-Vietnam Border


Daju Lan (Xiamen University)

Thinking of Anthropology of Civilization


14:30-16:10     Session 3       Topic: Reproduction of Boundaries and Ethnicity-2


Chair: Mingming Wang, Peking University

Yoichi Nishimoto    (Kanazawa University, Japan)

Cult of “Fu” or “Living Buddhas” among the Lahu People in Yunnan, China.

KANESHIGE Tsutomu (University of Medical Science, Japan)

An Anthropological Study on Merit-making: A Case Study of the Construction & Repair of Bridge by the Dong (Kam) People in Southwest China        Shiga

Horie Mio       (Kyoto University, Japan)

Inter- ethnic Marriage Migration among Lahu Women in Southwest China

Ming Fang       (College of Liberal Arts, Lishui University)

State Presence and Mang People’s Transnational Marriage

Ping Wang       (Department of Anthropology and Ethnology, Xiamen University)

The Anthropological Analysis On Mechanism of China Urban Hui: Economic Formation and Development


16:40-17:40     Session 4       Topic: Putting Heritage into Community Life


Chair: Tik-sang Liu, Division of Humanities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ming-chun Ku        (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Category and Boundary Reformation in the Heritagization of Mazu Belief in China

Mei-huan Lu   (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

From Museum Back to Temple: Heritage Practices by a Mazu Cult in Taiwan

Han-Sun Yang (Ajou University)

Invited Traders and Masters: Rise of Village Economy and Revival of Taoism in a Suburban Village of Beijing

Nov 16, Saturday

8:30-9:30 Session 5       Topic: Re-positioning Cultural heritages in Asia


Chair: Shaoying He, Yunnan University of Nationalies

Chang Jung-A (Incheon National University, Korea)

Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Mainland China and Hong Kong

Ayami Nakatani      (Okayama University, Japan)

Cross-Cultural Consumption of Cultural Heritage: Weaving and Wearing Traditional Textiles in Bali and Beyond

Okpyo Moon

Keeping the Past Alive: Giving Kimono a Second Life  Academy of Korean Studies


10:00-11:40     Session 6       Topic: Re-drawing of Religious Boundary


Chair: Guanghong Yu, Department of anthropology and ethnology, Xiamen University

Chuen-rong Yeh      (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

Sha and Ghost: A Perspectivist Perspective

Chen-yang Kao       (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

Women’s Spiritual Power and the Re-drawing of Religious boundary between Chinese Popular Religion and Protestantism during the Cultural Revolution

Yuhsuan Lin    (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)

Rethinking  ‘Gods, Ghosts, Ancestors’: A Study on ‘Storming The City’ Ritual

Ching-Guei YANG (National Taipei University of Education)

The Comparison of Children’s Religious Education in Taiwan and Japan

Joseph Bosco  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Urban Religious Processions in Postcolonial Hong Kong


13:30-14:30     Session 7       Topic: Re-construction of Archaeological and History


Chair: Chunming Wu, Department of History, Xiamen University

Jonas Chung-yu CHEN  (Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica)

The Discovery of Earliest Austronesian Skeletons in Matsu Archipelago

Anand Singh Salam (Xiamen University)

Reconstruction of archaeological and ethnological correlates among Tai Shan of Burma and that of Dai people in Yunnan

Wei Ge    (College of Humanities, Xiamen University)

A case study of the diffusion of prehistoric agriculture in NE Asia: evidences from the grinding stone of Erbaihu site


14:30-15:30     Session 8       Topic: Food, Bodily Experience and Globalization


Chair: Okpyo Moon, Academy of Korean Studies

Shuenn-Der Yu (Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica)

Taiwan and the Globalization of Puer Tea: The Role of Sense-Scape

Hsueh-cheng Yen    (Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University)

Mutual Constitution of the Bodily and the Materiality: A Study of Taiwanese Tea Competition

Shu-jung Lin    (Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing Hua University)

Eating Organic Food, Cultivating an Environmentally Conscious Self: Bodily Practices of Organic Food Consumption


15:45-16:45     Round Table Meeting


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