Call for chapters (proposals)

Modern Wilderness: Mobility, Friction, and Frontiers in Asia and the Americas from 1800


The present book seeks to investigate the role of the frontier in the making of modern Asia and the Americas, and it does so through the study of movement, contact, and networking. The volume will bring together scholars from several areas of study (Central, East, South and South East Asia, US, Latin America and the Caribbean). The result will be an innovative collection of essays, bridging two continents that are usually studied separately. The aim of this book is twofold. Firstly, Modern Wilderness is an invitation for the scholarly community to read, think and write beyond the limits of traditional area studies. Secondly, in the wake of the digital revolution, when geographical frontiers seem to have been replaced by virtual non-places, this book reclaims the importance of physical space in the making of modern history.

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